About Our Organization

The Tapteal Greenway is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1995 with the missions of preserving the rustic character of the lower Yakima River, protecting native habitats and species through conservation, enhancing recreational opportunities throughout the corridor, providing outdoor education programs, and promoting public access to and understanding of these resources.

The Tapteal Greenway is a 100% volunteer organization driven by the board of directors and funded solely by member dues, donations, and grants. The Tapteal Greenway employs no staff and has no endowment.

The primary focus of the Tapteal Greenway is the 31-mile corridor along the lower Yakima River extending from the Kiona Bend at Benton City to the mouth of the river at Bateman Island in Richland. Along the land trail portion of this corridor is the Tapteal Trail and the version on the river is identified as the Tapteal Water Trail.

This corridor includes a complex mix of federal, state, county, municipal, and private ownership as well as a variety of habitats ranging from arid shrub steppe to lush emergent marshlands.

The Yakima River and watershed is recognized as one of the most diverse, scenic, and biologically productive systems in the entire Pacific Northwest.

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Our Accomplishments

  • Tapteal Trail (35 miles) mapping with GIS and GPS technology
  • Firmly established conservation entity with City, State, County and Federal agencies
  • Partner with City of Richland at the Chamna Natural Preserve – maintain trails and interpretive signage
  • Establishment and maintenance of Duportail section of the Tapteal Trail
  • Partners with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in maintaining and building the small craft boat launches at Hyde Road and Duportail
  • 80 tons of garbage in 20 years removed from Columbia Point, Chamna, Duportail, Horn Rapids Park, Tapteal Trail ( North) and Tapteal Bend
  • Adopt-A-Highway near Benton City
  • ALE planting of sage to replace plants destroyed by fire
  • Lower Yakima River integrated school curriculum
  • Summer school classes in leadership and environmental education, Hikes for Tykes
  • Lower Yakima River water quality monitoring
  • Christmas tree recycling
  • Earthday activities
  • Gifting of the Tri Cities Conservationist of the Year Award
  • Tapteal Bend Environmental Education Park
  • Horn Rapids Park kiosk and trail
  • Amon Basin open space park project, funding, maintenance, trailbuilding (in progress)
  • Amon Creek enhancement (in progress)
  • Amon Creek educational video
  • Benton Conservation District partner with Salmon in the Classroom
  • Benton City “end of the line” trail partner
  • Ben Franklin Council of Governments Master Plan for Transportation and Trail partner
  • Columbia Point restoration committee
  • Amon Basin Community Project Phase One
  • Completion of the Duportail small craft boat launch
  • Amon Creek water quality study
  • Amon Basin Vehicle Access Control Task Force
  • Amon Basin Community Project Phase 2
  • Tapteal Bend Restoration Phase 2
  • RCSC Project with Juvenile Justice
  • RTCA Grant for regional Planning
  • Chamna Natural Preserve Upgrade
  • Tapteal Bend Educational Series
  • Annual Wildlands Walk in Amon Basin
  • Tapteal Trail Milepost (in progress)
  • Chamna backdoor trail secured
  • Tapteal Trail expansion connecting Bateman Island to Horn Rapids Park
  • Amon Basin Bird and Plant brochures
  • Amon Basin Badger Mountain Elementary Field Day
  • Christ the King School Amon Basin Field Day
  • Tapteal Water Trail now completed
  • W.E. Johnson Park in Richland upgrade project