Chamna Natural Preserve

Chamna Natural Preserve is a 276-acre park with more than 11 miles of trails winding through shrub-steppe, riparian, and wetland habitat. Historically Chamna had been used for grazing and farming. There are still remnants of the grape and asparagus crops as well as the old concrete pipe irrigation system. Watch for black-tailed jackrabbits, river otters, deer and other wildlife in the preserve.

Equestrians, bicyclists, hikers, bird-watchers, and other trail users enjoy Chamna year-round. The winter time offers great cross country skiing and snow shoeing if we get enough snow. Tapteal Greenway and other groups maintain the trails on the map above. Note that the River and Peninsula Loop trails are prone to seasonal flooding, particularly during the late winter and early spring.

Trail Courtesy

When in the preserve please remember proper trail etiquette: hikers yield to equestrians, bikers yield to hikers and equestrians. When stepping aside for equestrians talking to the rider can help put the horse at ease.

For the health, safety, and enjoyment of all trail users and wildlife, please keep dogs on leash or at heel, and clean up after them. Equestrians are requested to clean up after their horses in the parking area.

Trail Courtesy Sign

Directions to Chamna

Chamna Natural Preserve is located along the Yakima River in Richland south of Route 182. To get there take the Aaron Street exit off Hwy 240 or George Washington Way. Turn south on Jadwin Ave adjacent to Beaver Bark, cross the overpass and turn right on Carrier Road. Proceed to the west to the stone Chamna sign. The Midpoint Trailhead is located to the left on the gravel road between GTS Interior Supply and Inland Asphalt. To reach the main parking lot follow the paved road heading west towards the 182 bridge.