Scout Projects

We rely heavily on volunteers to help us accomplish our mission and have found that scouting programs provide a great source of volunteers. Scout participation can range from troop service projects, working with us on the Citizenship in the Community merit badge and Eagle Scout projects. Here are examples of recently completed Eagle Scout projects.

Josh Stairs - Scout Projects

Josh Stairs, Troop 248

The recent Grayhawk development in Horn Rapids graded over a section of the Tapteal Trail. In 2018 we started work on constructing a new section of the trail along the edge of the Grayhawk development. In addition to the trail, the existing native vegetation was also graded over. Josh’s project was to prepare the side of the trail for seeding with native grasses and plant native plants along this new section of trail.

Joshua Peterson, Troop 249

With Earth Day projects in 2018 and 2019, we were able to complete about half of the new Grayhawk Trail. Joshua’s project was to complete the construction of a roughly 200’ section of the trail. After completing his project Joshua was a frequent volunteer as we continued working on the Grayhawk Trail.

Joshua Peterson -Scout Projects
Jacob Olson - Scout Projects

Jacob Olson, Troop 190

The kiosk at the south entrance to WE Johnson Park had been damaged and was in need of replacement. It was a two-sided kiosk but the backside was out of view from the entrance trail. Jacob built and installed a new single-sided kiosk using recycled plastic lumber for the boards.

AJ Brown, Troop 190

With the completion of Josh Peterson’s project, the Grayhawk Trail was getting close to completion.

AJ’s project was to construct the next 200’ of the Grayhawk Trail. This left us with just one final 200’ stretch to complete.

AJ - Scout Projects
Aaron Rockwell - Scout Projects

Aaron Rockwell, Troop 126

Aaron provided us with an inventory of all the signs in Amon Creek Natural Preserve and ended up removing about two dozen signs that we felt were degraded, redundant, or no longer relevant. He also removed a degraded bench from Chamna Natural Preserve.

Cadel DuVall, Troop 248

Cadel’s project was to create a native plant garden near the start of the Grayhawk Trail. Over one hundred seedlings were planted of a variety of mostly forbs and grasses: snow buckwheat, rock buckwheat, Munro’s globemallow, arrowleaf balsamroot, purple sage, green rabbitbrush, Indian ricegrass, needle & thread grass, and blue bunch wheatgrass.

Cadel Duvall - Scout Projects
Celeste Blair - Scout Projects

Celeste Blair, Troop 2

Celeste’s project centered on helping to protect bees in her Horn Rapids community. She did this by growing marigold plants from seed and distributing a seedling and educational flyer to each house in the neighborhood.